Update on 101 in 1001

The picture above is how I feel..’AHHHHHHH’ ! I completely forgot that I was doing this challenge! I am a little scared, because I only finished 27 things on my list. I have modified my list because a few things were more realistic than others. It is hard to know what you can and can not accomplish with in a time frame.

There were quite a few things I finished, but since I wasn’t keeping track of what this challenge I had no idea I had accomplished them. I need to finish three things a month if I am going to get to my goal! *the under pressure song* comes to mind.

What I want to accomplish by the end of this year is…

Oct / Nov/ Dec ( need seven things accomplished)


Turn off electronics for a day
Don’t get on facebook for an entire weekend s/su

Spend an entire week with out getting on Facebook


Finish baby blanket for AB

Frame some photos


Sense and Sensibility

Things To Do

Start a snow ball fight

Update: I had a *lightbulb* moment. I will attach photos under every accomplished task on the 101 in 1001 page that way you can see it. I will continue to update every 3-6 months on the progress of this challenge… or basically when I remember to ;).

I have accomplished the following; anything marked off is finished, and anything in italics is in progress.

Start date: September 7th 2011 End date : June 5th 2014

  • Places to Go
  • John Ball Zoo
  • Henry Ford Museum
  •  Alpaca Show – Finished September 25th 2011
  • Mackinaw Island
  • lake side emporium ‎July ‎31, ‎2012
  • Fredrick Mejier Gardens
  • Visit a light house in West Michigan
  • Go to an Art show – Art Prize down town GR September 25th 2012
  • Festivals to go to
  • Go to an Irish music festival
  • Go to a tulip festival
  • Things to do
  • Fishing up north
  • Camping up north
  • dinner cruise with husband
  • Ride a horse again
  • Learn how to swim better
  • Take dancing lessons with my husband
  • Start a snow ball fight
  • Go fly a kite
  • Have a dinner by candle light 10/14/12
  • Watch the sunrise
  • Watch a sunset
  • Crafts
  • Paint pottery at the mall
  • Finish Crocheting the baby blanket for future kids
  • Finish baby blanket for AB in progress
  • Finish baby blanket for niece
  • Start and finish a Scrap book
  • Use and work with my film Camera Finished Fall 2011
  • Photograph all four seasons on my property – In progress
  • Caterpillar puppet
  • Learn to knit
  • Knit some socks for my husband
  • learn to sew
  • Make a skirt  via sewing
  • Frame some photos
  • Wilton Decorating Courses –Take the Courses offered through Hobby Lobby
  • Decorating basics
  • Flowers and cake design
  • Gum paste and fondant
  • Advanced gum paste flowers
  • Wining and dinning
  • Host a simple party Done Dec 17th 2011
  • Host a virtual birthday party
  • Host a fancy sit down party
  • Host a baking extravaganza
  • Movies/TV
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 2 DONE Nov 16th
  • The Kings Speech
  • Season of the Witch 5/6/12
  • Hanna
  • Rio DONE Sep 23rd 11
  • Your Highness DONE Sep 21-
  • Watch Grey’s Anatomy fall season 2011 on Tv! Start Sep 22-11Finished 11/10/11
  • Books
  • Sense and Sensibility
  • Pride and Prejudice
  • Mansfield park
  • Emma
  • Northhanger Abby
  • Persuasion
  •  Little women
  • Uncle Tom’s Cabin
  •  Aesops fables
  • The complete tales of Beatrix Potter
  •  Anna Karenina
  • Baking
  • Home made ice cream- Winter 2012
  • Home made pie – Crumbly apple pie-finished March 7th 2012
  • Home made Tart- Apple Tart- Finished
  • Get in shape
  •   Stick to a yoga class for Fall 11-finished 2011
  • Stick to a weekly yoga  routine or walk every day winter 2012 Finished
  • Ride bikes with my husband in the summer
  • Walk my entire property with out complaining about mosquitoes …in fact no complaining at all :)  DONE Fall 11
  • Volunteer
  • Walk a Breast Cancer walk Start: October 15th 8am Finish October 15th 11am
  • Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity ST: Sep 24-11 Finish: March
  • School
  • Apply to Grad school January and February St: Dec 15th Finish: Feb 1st 2012
  • pre req courses for Masters program St: Jan 11 Finish: Apr 28th Finished
  • Home improvements
  • Master bedroom
  • Buy and install windowsIn progress Finished on October 5th 2011
  • Paint- in progress and will be finished next semester
  • Tear out carpet and install new carpet,trim ect Finished January 21st
  • Install new closet and interior door
  • Decorate the master bed room
  • Gardening
  • Tear out grass and weeds from beds 2012- (in progress)May 2012
  • Create garden beds with boarders
  • Buy from Local green houses
  • Clear back yard for veggie garden
  • Help husband start his vegetable garden
  • Finish fenced in area for GizmoDONE! Sep. 9th-11
  • Make a floral arrangement with flowers from my garden
  • Symphony!
  •  See the West Michigan Symphony Done Nov 18th 11
  •  See the Grand Rapids Symphony
  • Pampering Go to the spa and get the following
  • pedicure
  • manicure
  • back massage
  • Clothes and shoes and all things girly
  • Buy a vintage dress
  • Expand the office wardrobe 10/14/12
  • Buy 5 pairs of shoes in progress bought 2 of 5
  • Un plug
  • Turn off all electronics for an entire day
  •  Don’t get on facebook for an entire weekend s/su
  • Spend an entire week with out getting on Facebook
  • Totally Money Make Over
  •  Start emergency fund
  • Pay off debt in progress
  • finish off emergency fund
  • Clarinet
  • Play Weber Concertino
  • Grad School
  • finish OT2020 class in the summer 2012
  • Start and finish Grad school Fall 2012-2014 (in progress)
  • Finally
  • Go away for the weekend with my husband for our 5th year of marriage/ anniversary

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