October 2012 and pumpkin plans

I drove home from school today and passed the house we buy pumpkins from every year. Unfortunately, there was a car on my tail that would not let me slow down, and so I went home.

I came home and was greeted by my Monkey and my husband. I eventually was sitting on the couch with a severe allergy Migraine. My dog must have known I wasn’t feeling well, and so she proceeded to make out with my ear. I know that sounds gross, but some how her holding my face with her paws and kissing me helped alleviate my migraine. I am not sure if it is because dogs are stress relievers, being able to sit down, or if its something else.

All of a sudden I remembered what I wanted to tell Brian! I grabbed Gizmo and held her to me. ” ooooohH …..Brian ….. pumpkins! Yes we speak in short sentences because we know what the other is trying to say ;). We gathered money and I went down the street to buy pumpkins.

I pulled in to the drive way of T’s house and their dog (who thinks shes a watch dog) runs out. I stopped my car, shut the car off , and pulled the parking break. I was met by T and introduced my self. I have met her boys before three years ago when I bought my first ever pumpkin …yes my first pumpkin in my entire life. I didn’t know there was a money box (its rusted and hard to see), and I knocked on the door and the little boy opened the door and grabbed my hand. I asked if he could get his mom, because I really didn’t want to come in to the house. He wanted to show me his new school shoes and convinced me to come in. Eventually T came to where we were and  I apologized to T ,and asked where I could put the money. I got down to Z’s level and said you shouldn’t open the door for strangers, because not all people are good. I felt so bad because I should have known to stay outside. I also felt bad that I had gotten the little boy in trouble. Today was the first day I introduced my self to T (mom), Z, and his older brother. Z is very exuberant and outgoing :). I wish I could have been more engaging with him, but I was so exhausted from class and my migraine. I was able to smile and talk a little bit with him.

Once I picked out my first of four pumpkins the older boy helped me by opening my passenger door. I was lucky to be able to lift the pumpkin due to my shoulder injuries. The only reason I was able to pick it up was due to the fact the pumpkins were at my center of gravity.

I always worry about paying the right amount because the difference between a medium and large can be subjective. I always err on the side of caution and give not only what the sign says (ie 50 cents for tiny pumpkins), but if I have an extra dollar or change I add that also. Their pumpkins are cheaper than other stores, and since its close to my house it makes it more convenient.

I went home and Brian helped me get the pumpkins in to the house. We were trying to decide what we wanted to do. Carve the medium one, Carve the small one, wait till the week of Halloween to carve??? In the end we decided to carve the small pumpkin for this week.

This is my second pumpkin carving experience. The first time I did it …it was stressful and did not come out the way I wanted too because 1. I had never done it before, 2. I did not have the right tools.

This time we bought a heavy duty carving set which made the job so much easier. Brian cut out the top and hulled out the pumpkin so I could carve. He also helped hold the stencil on the pumpkin, so I could draw it. I used the pointy tool called the spike and went along the design making holes. I proceeded to carve along the holes with the saw. Afterwards, I would push in the piece of pumpkin that I carved inwards. Lastly, I would use the knife to touch up the last bit and make it look better.

This was an emotionally relaxing activity. It was a little hard on my arm, and I had to take a lot of breaks. In the end it was well worth it.

I know you want to see photos, but I want to write a little bit more about our plans.

Tomorrow I plan on buying some

1. Easy off to clean the icky oven (husband cooked a dinner ham and it messed its self in the oven) sigh the joys of cooking or I should say the joys of the aftermath.

2. Almond extract

3. Decorating bags

Have you figured out what we are going to do tomorrow? Any guesses …anyone…?? No?

We and by ‘we’ I mean ‘me’ …  well I am going to make sugar cookies in the shapes of bats and tombstones, and *drum roll please* I am going to decorate them.

Next week we are going to make Popcorn balls. Its a tradition Brian’s Grandma W used to do for Halloween. We are also celebrating Brian’s Birthday that week.

The last week of October we will be carving the medium / big pumpkin.

Okay I know … if your like me you want to see the photos.

This picture is our dinning room table (the two pumpkins I bought are around a pumpkin candy dish- inside the candy dish are the two cookie cutters I plan to use tomorrow)

The medium/ big : there were bigger ones there that’s why I think it is all subjective 🙂

Husband carving small pumpkin top out.

I think this picture is the best! It is so creepy and cool at the same time 🙂 So, until next time stay safe and have fun!


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