October 2012 – 2nd pumpkin carving experience

I have learned many things from carving this pumpkin. First of all I will never carve more than one big stencil on a pumpkin. One, my arm can not take on all that activity! Two, it really irritated me when the Happy Halloween did not turn out very good. *sigh* .

Here is the good side of the pumpkin right after I finished.

The not so good side of the pumpkin. I was trying to write ‘Happy Halloween’ . I think I needed a different tool instead of the serrated saw.

I have such a hard time drawing the picture on to the pumpkin. We have tried taping the stencil to the pumpkin and it does not want to stay on for some reason. We, quite possibly, are using the wrong tape. Since I did not use tape I had to hold the stencil with my left non dominate hand and try to draw with my right dominate hand. Well lets just say that was an interesting experience.

I did not have as much fun until I let go of the idea that it was going to be perfect. I thought what the heck I’ll just go see what I can do.  I decided to experiment and add a few details to the pumpkin. I added stars, attempted to add wind in the form of lines, and a muted moon. I think it turned out really cool in the end. I was more relaxed when I wasn’t worried about how perfect it was, or what others might think. I was also able to focus on what I was doing with out stressing.

It looks a lot better in person than in my photos.

A muted moon.

Three-D stars for my witch and lines of air flowing past her near the bottom left hand corner.

Ps. Brian came up with using a tooth pick to hold up the line that is between her cape and broom. I was thinking of using a stick …great minds think alike 🙂

My goal and lesson that I hope to take from this experience and apply to other situations is to have fun with each activity, and to enjoy the journey rather than the ‘perfect end result’.


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