Seven Years Together

Brian and I 1st year

This photo was taken at the Garden of the Gods and was our first anniversary of dating.

Wedding day June 5th

This photo is at the Hill Side Gardens when we were married June 5th 2009.

I do not have any current photos of Brian and I. We rarely take photos, and I am sure family have any current photos of us ;). Eventually we will have photos taken of us.



We met on Feb 11th 2006. I can not believe how fast the past seven years have gone. On Feb 11th 2013- Brian made dinner and he gave me a pendent and bracelet that I fell in love with at work. On Feb 12th 2013, we went to Red Lobster. It was wonderful to not have to cook or clean. I love my husband and he did a great job for our seven year anniversary. I am so glad he is my best friend and husband.

Gizmo was so happy to see us when we came home. She was really interested in the left overs we brought home.

I look forward to celebrating Valentines day on Thursday. I am still debating whether to make Valentines day cookies that I designed. I am thinking about making them on Wednesday and decorating them on Thursday. I am so busy with other things that I have been putting off making my sugar cookies. Hopefully everything will go as planned.

I hope everyone has a great Valentines day on Thursday.


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