Hershall the new puppy


Hershall and Gizmo




Gizmo ‘wait little brother…she is going to take one more photo…and by one I mean a crap load more so you might as well humor her’


Hershall the first day we had him


His hiding place when he is anxious or upset

Well I guess I should start writing about Hershall. He is a puppy we rescued around two weeks ago. Originally we never wanted to have a boy but we could not leave him. My mother in law found him walking down the road. To make a long story short…. she found the owners and they did not want him anymore. So, when my mom told me about this dog I thought …. that’s it he has to come home with us. However, since Brian has never wanted a boy dog…that was going to be hard. I honestly thought Brian was going to say no.

When he came in … I started telling him about the dog. How it looked like Gizmo, how it was so sweet, it is black with floppy ears, etc etc etc…oh and..*imagine I am mumbling under my breath* its a boy…

Brian said, “What was that?” after a while he said, “Okay, go get the dog”. Which induced a bunch of high pitched girly squeals from me, the dropping of my phone, and giving him a big bear hug.

When we went to get him he was just laying out in the front yard, In fact he did not even have a name.  Hershall is around one year old and we think he is a Scottie/rat terrier mix. He did well on his first appointment at the vet, and we have to take him in for his second one next month.

Guess who he bonded to? Go ahead guess. Brian. Sigh, he now has a following of two dogs. Gizmo was so pissed when we brought home this new puppy. She personifies the big sister role… she is always yelling at him when he does something she doesn’t like, but boy do they play hard when they get along. Hershall at first was anxious , scared, and unsure. He would flee when you walked past him if he was eating. He hates loud noises such as clapping, shuffling feet, and fast movements.

He has truly come out of his shell the past few weeks, and he gained a bit of weight which is good. He now understand what treats are, and he gets excited about his greenies. He hasn’t caught on to the fetch idea. Instead he gathers all the toys to his bear rug in the living room. He loves watching dogs 101, tv in general ( I mean actually watching the lights and movement on the screen), and he has recently watched Tom and Jerry. He has discovered chewing on sticks and toes. In the mornings I wrap a blanket, that drags on the floor, around my shoulders. He has started chasing, pouncing, and grabbing the blanket with his mouth. He thinks it is a game which was cute the first time…however I have to tell him no because I do not want him chewing on bedding.

He loves the sherpa cave bed we originally got for Gizmo (she doesn’t like it,) , Brian’s old bear rug from his childhood, and the old red couch. He loves any attention, cuddles, and females ;). We are planning on getting him fixed next month as well.

We love him so much. When we got him I was worried that we had made a mistake, but all I have to do is look at him with his big brown eyes, relaxing on the couch, or rolling around on the floor with a toy to know that we are making a difference in his life. I am so glad he is apart of our family.

Brian and I have been doing well. We have had cabin fever for the past month or so. Brian’s IHH (idiopathic inter-crainal hypertension) is still causing problems. The medication has gotten rid of his headaches, but it has not done much with the other symptoms. It is frustrating that my wonderful husband has to go through all this on top of all of his other diagnosis. I wish I could take it all away. I keep trying to remind myself to be present for today, and to enjoy today for what it is. Humor really helps us cope…. I keep telling him we need to transplant all of his experiences into his 19 year old brain ;). We are looking forward to walking more, and being outside as the weather warms up. I also have two wonderful recipes picked out for this weeks menu.

To end on a happy note I just finished up my second semester of grad school. I am looking forward to 13 days off from school before summer I starts.

I want to accomplish the following during my break:

Read Sense and Sensability


Practice my clarinet and viola

Cook and blog more

Garden -> which translates to me pulling weeds

Calling and running errands

Cleaning the house

Practicing the ACLS (allen cognitive level screen)


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