Hoot hoot: Sugar cookie owl’s…there’s something afoot

As I stand here hovering over the owl cookie. Okay, it was weeks ago when I made the cookies just go with it. So, I was standing over the cookies starring, and starring. Attempting to figure out what my eye could see, but my brain refused to recognize. I felt like Emily Deschnell who plays Temperence Brennan on Bone’s. When she is sitting at the diner, starring at an Xray with a drinking glass. Sweet’s sits down and Angela tells Sweet’s that Brennan’s eye and brain are arguing again.

Eventually, I finally figure out what is wrong as I was driving towards Grand Rapids. I forgot to decorate my Owl sugar cookies with beaks. Its a very important aspect of a bird, and I plumb forgot. I was so exhausted and it takes me forever these days to decorate cookies with my bum right shoulder. I have to space out my work in general and take my time. However, despite the important detail they were tasty. I took a good majority of them to school and gave them away. Its so nice to be able to give away treats. It makes it easier on me so I do not have to eat them! I have no self control around these sugar cookies, and usually end up eating more than I should.

At a later date I will probably do a step by step blog once I have perfected my decorating skills. Without further ado my sources, and pictures!

Original source: www.annies-eats.com

My post: Sugar cookies



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