Get Ready and GO!


Get Ready and Go bag

What is this get ready and go bag? It is a bag I am currently working for family use , and the Michigan TBI conference in the fall called the 3nd Annual Veterans TBI Summit. I will not put what is in the bag up until after the conference. However, I will be trialing the bag later this week. I hope that this bag will be useful / helpful at appointments with the VA (Veterans Administration).


Bags for mother in laws house for family dinner’s

Black back (at the back) – lap top, cord, agenda, and pencil bag

Blue Aldi’s bag – food

White purse – Dogs and Brian’s bag ( puke towel for dog, leashes, Brian’s handwriting book (hand writing for hero’s)

Green purse – mine

What is the difference between going to the VA verses visiting Grandma’s? I was thinking about this as a I left my house. I truly need to address with the the get ready, set and go bag. There is a difference between going to my mother in law’s house and going to the VA. I have a bag for the dogs, my purse, a bag dedicated to food items (this trip included meat for dinner, bread, and garlic hummus), and my school bag.

I found it was an interesting experience trying to get out the door with the two dogs and four bags by myself. It made me realize how much my husband helps me. We prepared all the bags prior to him leaving to go help a family member.

What I have found is when I have my bags prepared and ready to go I have an easier time getting out the door on time, and I am less likely to forget something important. I am hoping with this get ready go bag that I have the same success as when I go to my mother in law’s on the weekends.

How do you prepare for doctors appts? Watch out for automatic behaviors or things you bring without thinking 😉 those count towards being prepared!


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