A new desk and my first parking ticket

I know a desk and a parking ticket usually do not go together, but oh well. I bought my new desk from my veterinarians office. They were doing renovations and the desk was not needed. The office looks great! I am also excited about my new desk! It is a 6 foot executive desk! It has draws to file things in. Which means… I will actually have to file things and organize stuff instead of throwing the paper work into boxes in piles. This may take me a few weeks with all of the school work, work, Hearts of Valor, and everything else I try to do.

The work table I was previously using was apart of an L desk. The other section (the stable part) is being used upstairs in the computer room. I have kept the previous work table as a crafts/ Hearts of Valor work area.

I have so much more room to put things, photos, awards, and a lot of writing room.

On my new desk I have:

My drawing of a clarinet card from digital graphics class (HS)

My Senior year marching band photo of the entire band

My sister the Lt.

My best friends daughter and my niece by adoption

BA and HS diploma

and my Write Brothers Award from Civil Air Patrol


Starting from the left most when you walk into my practice room/ office : Here is the desk! EXIF_JPEG_T422

Next to the new desk is my clarinet table that Brian made me EXIF_JPEG_T422

Next to the clarinet table is my old desk

Which has the following on it

Picture of my Best friend and her hubby

My Aunt/ uncle and all of their kids

Civil Air Patrol award ‘Certificate of Recognition for life saving’ For Outstanding Humanitarian

Alpha Lambda Delta initiation certificate

A bunch of photos a friend Rachel M. put together my senior year and put into a collage in a photo frame!


This is the ‘Time Out’ Chair …literally it says time out on it! I’ve decided to use it as my practice chair / where I put my bagsEXIF_JPEG_T422

The coffee table…desk chair and the bookshelf.

All the photos and little nick knacks really make my area feel more like an office. So, about that ticket.

I unfortunately got my first parking ticket in down town Grand Rapids for parking too close to the intersection 6 minutes before getting out of class! I think from now on I will be parking down one of the side streets down wealthy instead. At least there I know I wont get a ticket! I truly do not want to leave my house today. It is so hot! However, eventually I will have to venture forth, send my parking ticket along its way, and go pick up some things at the store. So, I hope if your out there you have AC… because I wish I did!


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