Drowning in a sea of … assignments.

It has been about a month since I did a post on here. It feels like months rather than one month. I have two recipes that I haven’t blogged about, and I may not get to until the semester ends. As of now I haven’t been cooking at all. My husband has been cooking, since I have evening classes and work. This semester is the hardest so far due to having clinic and a full load of classes. I am stressed out all the time. I spend a lot of time thinking about clinic (what I did wrong/ what I am doing right), organizing, writing SOAP notes, and finding activities that fit my clients goals.

For now we can do a general run down of what has recently happened.

My sister deployed to the UAE for six months. She is a Lieutenant in the United States Air Force. I can not wait to see her next June. We are all heading to Colorado to see our little brother get married. That and to see our nephew Christofer.

The 3rd annual Veterans TBI conference that was held by BIAM (Brain Injury association of Michigan) prior to their annual conference went well. We had a smaller group than we expected, but it turned out better than we thought. We were able to think on our feet, and roll with what happened. It was an amazing experience to met that many Veteran’s from all different ‘war eras’, and areas in Michigan. It was also great to see and speak to their wonderful spouses/ caregivers. I am not sure what I would have changed or done differently. I am sure there are things to improve upon for the next time.

My husband and I bought a new slider and side door! They are beautiful and Pioneer Homecrafters did a wonderful job. It is nice to know that our basement wont be leaking water through the door anymore. It will also save us money because the air will not leak out as well. It is also nice to see things get done around the house rather than just planning. As I see things get done i.e. curtains, doors, pictures being hung up, it makes me feel like we are making progress towards fixing up our home.

I volunteered for Art Prize at WMU’s GR campus. It was interesting to see the exhibits in the grand hall area. However, I was freaking out about my evaluation, so I didn’t get to fully appreciate the art. I did meet some nice people, and spoke quite well with them, given I had nothing prepared.

I have some things planned this semester that I hope to accomplish with clinic, volunteering, and classes. I hope that I survive this semester. Personally I feel like I am drowning. I just need to make it through 9 more weeks of clinic.

What I am looking forward to is buying Pumpkins ,Indian corn, hay, etc. from the neighbors down the street. It will be awesome to decorate the house for the fall season!


One thought on “Drowning in a sea of … assignments.”

  1. Hey, you should email me. I changed my blog name a little and am rebuilding it all together to be more…me :). I deleted my facebook on Sept 5th, though, and my email that I’d been using for it a month later. Message me if you want the new one, I’ve missed you so much!

    Love you sis!

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