In the Kitchen and off Facebook

The irony of this post is that it will probably post to Facebook. I have been finding myself on Facebook more and more than I should be. I find it should be called suck the life out of you, because it literally does so. It is addictive, and a hard habit to break.

When I drive I change the stations in the car. My husband pointed out one day every time I change a station I look down. I never noticed this till he pointed it out to me. How does this relate? I never noticed that every time I got on the computer I would head straight for Facebook. I have decided to attempt to stay off Facebook, and only get on one day a week for a limited amount of time. At first it was difficult. Every time I went to check my email, work on school work, or even look something up I was tempted to get on FB. As the week rolled on I forgot about Facebook. I started taking photos of things I was doing on occasion. It was a great motivator to see my handy work in picture form.

To be honest the next thing I may cut from my life is the TV. It is also a time suck. I may limit my self to one show a day. This will be difficult since I have so many shows that I watch.

I have so many things I haven’t finished. I have a break between this semester and my field work. I am going to take this break to work, and finish everything I want to.

All of the things I want to do this break…

– baby blanket for Christofer

– story project for Christofer

-finish hem of the first skirt I have sewn

-work on cohort picture book


-read for fun

-study for FWIIa

I do realize that I have put a lot on my plate. However, I believe I can do it. So, here is to staying off FB.

At this moment there’s nothing like cooking, wine, and music.

Think about all the things you can do when your not on FB… if you want go do it.

Anti Facebook Project on 15th September- Are you Ready?

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