Summer 2014

I am officially on Summer break before field work II starts. I have been working a lot the bast 6 weeks and I am thrilled it is finally at an end. On the other hand I have been sneezing up a storm this morning as I swept the kitchen and basement and hating the pollen.

I was able to finish my nephews blanket. I can hardly wait for my brothers wedding in June.



On another happy note I finished my first skirt a while back and it turned out wonderfully.


I also went to pier Marquette with a friend to take photos. It was foggy and gave the place an eerie feel to it.


Other than work I have been reading, and studying for Field work II. Here are some Range of Motion cards I made.


Mmm nothing like pudding and fruit. We made banana cream pudding and added apples, watermelon, bananas, oranges and topped it with almonds.

IMG_0388[1]I have been on youtube a lot and experimenting with my hair. Here is a hairstyle similar to one my husbands grandma used to wear as a young lady.



Whats not to love about summer and new heels ?


My plans for my four week break before field work include studying, baking, working on my neglected garden. cleaning my house, and making Sugar wax (next post)

My husband and I’s 5 year anniversary is tomorrow and I am amazed at how fast the time has gone by. On Saturday, we are also going over to Erin I.’s house to have dinner with my OT family. This week will be wonderful!


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