30 day Yoga Challenge

30 Day Yoga Challenge


I was surfing youtube and found a 30 day Yoga Challenge. Yesterday, I did the day 1 of 30 of the Yoga Challenge. It was easy and relaxing. The day 2 of 30 yoga challenge was a little more challenge for my left arm while doing the warrior pose flow. I had a few issues with the video stopping, and an error message. Prior to starting day 2 challenge I did the salute to the sun A and B out of my Ashtanga Yoga Book. It was a great warm up and got my heart going.

My goal is to stick with the week by week program in my yoga book and the Yoga Challenge.

I have been doing well with my downward dogs, and I can almost put my heels to the floor! I still feel tight in the hamstrings when I wake up, and on my first downward dog.

Website: http://www.youtube.com

Channel: Doyouyoga.com

Yoga Challenge Day 1 of 30

      Yoga Challenge Day 2 of 30

Here is a great video of the Ashtanga Primary series in case you do not know much about it.The Salute to the Sun A and B are apart of it.

Channel: Yoga Today

The Ashtanga Primary Series





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