5 Year Wedding Anniversary

5 Years Anniversary


Today my Wonderful Husband and I celebrate our 5 year anniversary. The years have gone by so fast. There are so many memories. My favorite memories are the spontaneous ones, accidental ones…the ones where you have no idea that you are as my Grandma Parker says ‘making memories’. When are you ‘making memories’ …when your world slows and you think that things are going too slow. It gives you the opportunity to memorize and capture that moment.

One thing I still look forward to seeing my husband when I am gone all day. Our day was like any other filled with VA appts, laundry, dishes, fixing the plumbing and making dinner together. I did give my self and mani/pedi, and do some yoga.

The rest of this post will look at songs that remind me of Brian and I.

Musical Symbol Pictures

Many of you know how Brian and I met, and how our ‘Story’ started. However, not many of you know how we see our story through music. Here are songs that we both feel describe us throughout our eight years of being together and five years of marriage.

Listening to: Blink 182 First Date

This is the song that was playing when Brian was driving to pick me up on our first date. I was so nervous that I didn’t say anything on the car ride to the restaurant.

Listening to: Nickle Back – Far Away

This is one of our songs. This is a beautiful song, and makes me thing of the time when Brian was in the Army.

Listening to: Brad Paisley – Little Moments

This song describes us now. We love this song, and it describes us to a ‘T’. A few years ago… I was backing the truck out of the garage. Low and behold I broke the passenger side mirror. How? I parked too close to the right side of the garage, and hit it on the frame of the garage. Also, if you know me well you know I don’t have depth perception to save my life let alone a vehicle.

Later on that year when we were going to the vet with Gizmo. As we were parking we made contact… with a tree. Thankfully, it was Brian that backed the truck into a tree. At first I was panicking on the inside. Until Brian said wow some idiot backed into the tree. We laughed so hard. That being said the truck is fine and doesn’t even have a scratch to show for its collision.

I haven’t burned many things cooking wise. However, when I do Brian is always there and lets me know everything will be alright. He knows when I need a hug. In fact I think I did burn a cake once? Do you remember that sweetie? Oh wait that was our valentines cheesecake! I forgot to turn down the oven and I started crying. I think that cheese cake did end up tasting good despite the burned top.

Many times we get lost trying to take a new way home. Brian will look at me as we are stopped at an unfamiliar intersection and say ‘left’ or ‘right’. We may be lost but we are always holding hands.

I also love to snuggle with my husband. However, right about the time I tend to fall asleep is when his arm does too. Poor guy πŸ˜‰ .

I love those ‘Little Moments’ with you. It has been a fun ride so far and I look forward to the next 70 years with you husband. I mean it we will go like the couple in “The Notebook”!

Musical Symbol Pictures

These songs remind me of Brain every time I hear them.

Listening to: Alan Jackson Like Red on a Rose

This song makes me thing of Brian. It is not a song that I hear often which makes it a real gem in my book.

Listening to: Adele Make you feel my love

I love Adele and this song moves my soul. I love it when Brian hugs me.

Listening to: Van Morrison Brown Eyed Girl

Brian put a list of songs I wanted on to a CD, and this is one of them. It’s such a good feel song. To top it off I am his brown eyed girl.

Listening to: Jesus Jackson Running on Sunshine

This is another good feel song that makes me happy, and want to get up and dance.

Listening to: Righteous brothers Unchained melody

This has been my favorite love song since I was in elementary school. It still pulls at my heart every time I hear it. One day Wonderful Husband, we will dance to this. I will always crave your touch, and need your love.

Listening to: Brandi Carlile The Story

I love the lines around your eyes. I’ve been so many places, been through so much, met many people, and changed directions more times than I can count, but I am so glad to be where I’m at.

Listening to: Faith Hill and Tim McGraw Lets make love

This song needs no explanation.

I can not wait for our date later this month. I am dying with anticipation since I have no clue what you are planning <_> !!

I love you … really really.

Wedding day June 5th




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