Manuka Honey After day 1

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Manuka Honey Update

I woke up today and didn’t even notice something about my face until I touched my left cheek. The pimple that was near my mouth is significantly flatter! I was so surprised I went to the bathroom and sure enough it was. I will be putting it on after I take a shower and sleep with it on. I am also going to try it on my shoulders as well.




Arabic Sugar Wax update:

I recieved a wonderful message from Grace from Grace J Powers. I messeged her after I had bruised my leg. She gave me three reasons as to why I bruised myself. So, if you end up bruising yourself it could be due to the following;

1. sugar paste may be too sticky thus pulling the skin

Solution: Apply baby powder

(My thoughts: I did use baby powder, however this is good to know!)

2. Skin may not be tight enough

(My thoughts: This could have been the case in certain instances)

3. Lastly, it could have been due to the direction the sugar was removed. Always pull perpendicular to the body line, never upwards because it can pull the skin leading to a hicky-like bruise.

(My thoughts: Ding Ding! We have a winner! I think I need to work on my flicking technique as I have…cough hicky-like bruises.) Thank goodness my husband knows what I was doing otherwise that would have been hard to explain 😉



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