Yoga day 3,4,5 update

Yoga Challenge

I woke up today and my upper traps were so tight. I will be updating on the Yoga Challenge day 3, 4, and 5. Day 3 was challenging for me. I feel like the left side of my body is not as strong as my right. Since, I am dominantly a right handed person it makes sense.

Day 4 was an even bigger challenge as I have not worked my core in a long time. This core work out also integrated some Pilates and ballet components which was a nice mix.

Since day 4 was such a short video, and I took a break on Saturday I will be doing day 5 as well.

Whew here goes nothing!

WOW that was a good ab work out. I will be incorporating some of those into my work out. I love planks as they really work out the core and arms.

As always I did the Salute to the sun A and B. I added the two forward bends, and side triangle pose today. I am so close to getting my heels all the way to the ground for my downward dogs! I can hardly wait till I am able to do so!

I did day 3 on Friday, and day 4 and 5 on Sunday.



Erin Motz

Day 3 yoga challenge

Day 4 yoga challenge

Day 5 yoga challenge



p.s. I will wait a week and let you know how the Manuka honey is doing then.

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