Day 7 of Yoga Challenge and an update on Manuka honey

Day 6 and 7 of Yoga Challenge

Day 6 of Yoga Challenge

Day 7 of Yoga Challenge

I have added the following to my yoga routine:

Salute to the sun A and B

Forward bend A and B

Extended Triangle

Reversed triangle pose

Extended sideways pose

I did video 6 of the yoga challenge on Monday, and the 7th video today. I felt like I needed more of an ab workout so I went and did the 4th and 5th video again. At the end of my yoga work out I was sweating and shaking. I have to admit I can not do crows pose very well. I ended up almost falling on my face. However, due to realizing I was going to do a face plant I put my left forearm in front of my self to catch my body. I was so glad to be done by the end.

I was starving by the end and made my self a grilled black pepper turkey sandwich with provolone, a spinach salad with cherries, almonds, blue cheese, and vinaigrette, some chips, an apricot, and some half and half (lemonade/tea).

I have been trying to eat healthier. I do have my slip ups, but I have been eating breakfast. I tend to eat grape nuts cereal, or oatmeal with almonds. I try to drink 2-4 glasses of water, and take my vitamins.

My goal is to have a flat stomach by the end of the summer.

Manuka Honey Update


It seems to be helping to reduce the raised pimples that are red. I have also seen an improvement in the blackheads that are on my nose and face. I will have some photos on the 14th of my husband and I to post.





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