Yoga catch up videos 8,9, and 10

Yoga Challenge

Right now I am loving my heating pad, and my water bottle. Unfortunately, I have yet to find any chocolate. My husband and I have been trying to eat healthier etc. I have had my slip ups this week. Today was the first day I did not eat breakfast, because I slept in.

Once I opened one eye my tiny four legged children attacked me with eager wagging tails.

I spent my morning fighting with my computer and finally winning. I am able to enter in stuff on to my icloud calendar on my PC. *happydance*

Lastly, I did the two yoga videos I was supposed to do on Wednesday/Thursday, and today’s video for my yoga Challenge. I had a bad bought of acute sinusitis/ tension headache.

On a different subject I found a Web MD app, and an allergy app by Web MD which will help me track my allergies/symptoms so I can show my doctor.

However, back to the yoga challenge. By Wednesday/Thursday I was starting to feel the effect of a week’s worth of yoga. In other words I hurt from head to toe, more specifically my core and gluteal muscles. My husband said that’s how you know its a good work out ;). I hope I am able to keep up with the yoga once my field work starts on the 30th.

Manuka honey update: My pimples/zits/acne whatever you want to call it…has gotten better. I did have a few break outs earlier this week. I feel like the black heads that have plagued me since childhood are actually getting better. I use Neutrogena pore refining wash, occasionally I use the pore refining scrub, Manuka honey + whichthazle /lavender mask at night.

Here are the three videos I did today.

 Yoga challenge day 8

Yoga challenge day 9

Yoga challenge day 10





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