Christmas 2014 and everything else that I have been up to


The majority of my suplies.


The sugar cookies


Sugar cookies packaged


Alpaca dog treats 🙂 I finally got to use my aplaca cookie cutter


For Christmas 2014, I made the following
Sugar cookies
Alpaca shaped dog treats
Almond biscotti
Rum and macadamia nut truffles
peanutbutter fudge

The only one I have not blogged about are the rum truffles. Which I would like to perfect a little more before I blog about them. Ironically, I cant seem to find any pictures of the other treats despite being done with school during the holidays. It was wonderful to finally be able to enjoy Christmas with my family. The dogs got two new toys, which have lasted a while. Brian and I made each other gifts this year which made them even better.

As the days rolled on I became bored out of my mind. The only things I had to do is study, and clean. However, I did take a break and get a head cold and bronchitis.

Once I was finally feeling better I started going back to the gym. While this takes up a small portion of my week, I was still trying to figure out what to do with myself. I have learned how to do a 4 strand braid to the side. However, doing one entirely from the back is quite hard. Also, with the reoccurance of my shoulder/elbow pain it was difficult to practice.

While at Barnes and Noble I saw this box on Crocheting. I thought what the heck. I have basically put all of my hobbies on the back burner for three years. So, I have begun to crochet again.


Brian’s scar
It didnt take me long to make Brian a scarf. In fact it took a few days. This yarn is made from alpaca fiber and cotton, which makes it soft and warm.


My scarf
Well this one took a little longer than Brian’s. I had to figure out how to decrease, and then figure out how to do a ripple. Once I had the basic pattern down it was easy. This yarn is also made from cotton and alpaca fur.


Now I am finishing a baby blanket I started many moons ago. In fact I believe it was started around the time my best friend was pregnant with her beautiful daughter three years ago.

So, other than studying for the NBCOT , cleaning, going to the gym, reading for fun, and doing a meditation challenge from Do You Yoga. I have been looking into ways to go a little greener.

My first step was to start using bags for groceries rather than utilize the plastic bags at the store. I will be adding small things over this year to become a little more greener and to save money.

I have also wanted to compost for the longest time and think this year may be the best time to start. 



My sweetie stirring the mac and cheese. I couldn’t stir anymore due to arm pain.


My wonderful husband and his pookie bear (aka Gizmo)

I have also returned to Hearts of Valor. Which I am looking forward to becoming more active. Hoever, I must prepare to make some French Onion Soup!


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