French Onion Soup with chicken

IMG_1320[1] IMG_1321[1]French Onion Soup

I made french onion soup last night and added garlic chicken to it. We had chibata bread with a rosemary herb dip. It was amazing and I was finally successful with cooking the onions correctly to a deep golden brown. I did have to walk away for each interval of five minutes because I have a bad habit of not leaving well enough alone. I actually enjoyed cooking last night which is a first in a long while. I was in the moment for the majority of the dish. I have been trying to practice whats called mindfulness. Which is enjoying each moment and task for what it is. While that does not mean I don’t think about the future or past, I now try not to waste my time worrying about things I cant control. It is hard and a battle everyday, but I can tell a difference from even a month ago.


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