In limbo for an OT job

In Limbo

for an OT job..

I am being particular and hesitant when it comes to OT jobs, due to a unfavorable experience trying contract work. I am not built for contract work, and I should have trusted my gut. It has never steered me wrong. However, OT jobs in my area are scarce. Also, with the two OT programs in Grand Rapids the market seems flooded at this time. Then again Michigan hasn’t been the best in regards to jobs. I thought what the heck I would give contract work a go. Well I quickly lost confidence in my self after one day. The good that came out of this experience was that I figured out that as a new OT grad I do need mentor-ship.

Since then I have been in a sort of limbo. I have been waiting to have my second interview for an OT position that is near my home, with good hours, mentor-ship etc. In the meantime I will be substitute teaching, and I have accepted PRN OT work at a SNF up north.

The difficult part is enjoying the slower pace and extra time with my husband and fur babies. We are currently working on finishing the basement. Also Brian and I have been making a fire wood box to sit next to the fire place. I have also gotten the kitchen, and bathroom reorganized.

So, here’s to enjoying the here and now.




OT = Occupational Therapy

PRN = as needed

SNF = Skilled Nursing Facility


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