Update on challenge page 2018

I have been so busy with grad school and life that I haven’t updated my challenge that I was doing. Originally it was called 101 in 1001 days. However, since that deadline ended last year I will be extending the deadline till December 30th 2018.

During the update I found a few of the tasks that I have completed!

Here’s a list of the tasks left to do:

By 2018 Challenge

 To complete the following list by Sep 7th 2011 = June 5th 2014 Extension to 12/30/2018

59 to go

42 completed

2015-2018 = 48 months, minus the 4 months of this year Jan-Apr = 44 months to go.

59/44 = so I need to complete 2 things a month to be able to meet my deadline!

  1. John Ball Zoo June 5th 2014
  2. Henry Ford Museum
  3.  Alpaca Show – Finished September 25th 2011
  4. Mackinaw Island
  5. lake side emporium ‎July ‎31, ‎2012
  6. Fredrick Mejier Gardens
  7. Visit a light house in West Michigan 2014
  8. Go to an Art show – Art Prize down town GR September 25th 2012
  9. Go to an Irish music festival
  10. Go to a tulip festival
  11. Fishing up north
  12. Camping up north
  13. dinner cruise with husband
  14. Ride a horse again
  15. Learn how to swim better
  16. Take dancing lessons with my husband
  17. Start a snow ball fight
  18. Go fly a kite
  19. Have a dinner by candle light 10/14/12
  20. Watch the sunrise
  21. Watch a sunset
  22. Paint pottery at the mall
  23. Finish Crocheting the baby blanket for future kids
  24. Finish baby blanket for Christoffer June 2014
  25. Start and complete baby blanket for niece
  26. Start and finish a Scrap book
  27. Use and work with my film Camera Finished Fall 2011 (no picture available)
  28. Photograph all four seasons on my property – In progress
  29. Caterpillar puppet
  30. Learn to knit
  31. Knit some socks for my husband
  32. learn to sew in progress
  33. Make a skirt  via sewing 2014
  34. Frame some photos 2014
  35. Wilton Decorating  Decorating basics
  36. Wilton Decorating Flowers and cake design
  37. Wilton Decorating  Gum paste and fondant
  38.  Wilton Decorating Advanced gum paste flowers
  39.  Start emergency fund
  40. Spend an entire week with out getting on Facebook in the summer 11/7/12=11/14/12 
  41.  Don’t get on facebook for an entire weekend s/su 1/6/2013
  42. Turn off all electronics for an entire day
  43. Buy 5 pairs of shoes in progress bought  of 5/5 2014
  44. Expand the office wardrobe 10/14/12 (no photo available)
  45. Buy a vintage dress (mint green dress with polka dots)
  46. back massage 2014 with HOV ladies 2014
  47. manicure January 2013 with my sister 
  48. pedicure 2014
  49.  See the Grand Rapids Symphony
  50.  See the West Michigan Symphony Done Nov 18th 11 (see post 101 in 1001 west michigan symphony)
  51. Make a floral arrangement with flowers from my garden
  52. Finish fenced in area for GizmoDONE! Sep. 9th-11 (see post 101 in 1001 Gizmo’s area)
  53. Help husband start his vegetable garden
  54. Clear back yard for veggie garden
  55. Buy from Local green houses
  56. Create garden beds with boarders
  57. Tear out grass and weeds from beds 2012- (in progress)May 2012
  58. Decorate the master bed room
  59. Install new closet and interior door – in progress
  60. Tear out carpet and install new carpet,trim ect Finished January 21st
  61. Paint bedroom- in progress
  62. Buy and install windowsIn progress Finished on October 5th 2011
  63. Apply to Grad school January and February St: Dec 15th Finish: Feb 1st 2012 (see WMU MS OT post)
  64. pre req courses for Masters program St: Jan 11 Finish: Apr 28th Finished (see WMU MS OT post)
  65. Home made Tart- Apple Tart- Finished
  66. Home made pie – Crumbly apple pie-finished March 7th 2012 (see Apple Pie post/Father in law’s birthday post)
  67. Home made ice cream- Winter 2012
  68.   Stick to a yoga class for Fall 11-finished 2011 ( no picture available)
  69. Stick to a weekly yoga  routine or walk every day winter 2012 Finished (no picture available)
  70. Ride bikes with my husband in the summer
  71. Walk my entire property with out complaining about mosquitoes …in fact no complaining at all 🙂 DONE Fall 11 (no picture available)
  72. Walk a Breast Cancer walk Start: October 15th 8am Finish October 15th 11am (see breast cancer walk post)
  73. Volunteer for Habitat for HumanityST: Sep 24-11 Finish: March (see habitat for humanity post)
  74. Read Sense and Sensibility
  75. Read Pride and Prejudice
  76. Read Mansfield park
  77. Read Emma
  78. Read Northhanger Abby
  79. Read Persuasion
  80.  Read Little women
  81. Read Uncle Tom’s Cabin
  82.  Read Aesops fables
  83. Read The complete tales of Beatrix Potter
  84.  Read Anna Karenina
  85. Watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 2 DONE Nov 16 (no picture available)
  86.  Watch The Kings Speech
  87.  Watch Season of the Witch 5/6/12 (no picture available)
  88. Watch Hanna
  89.  Watch Rio DONE Sep 23rd 11 (no picture available)
  90.  Watch Your Highness DONE Sep 21- (no picture available)
  91. Watch Grey’s Anatomy fall season 2011 on Tv! Start Sep 22-11Finished 11/10/11 ( no picture available)
  92. Host a simple party Done Dec 17th 2011
  93. Host a virtual birthday party
  94. Host a fancy sit down party
  95. Host a baking extravaganza
  96. Pay off debt in progress
  97. finish off emergency fund
  98. Play Weber Concertino
  99. finish OT2020 class in the summer 2012 (no photo available)
  100. Start and finish Grad school Fall 2012-2014 DONE 12/13/14
  101. Go away for the weekend with my husband for an anniversary




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