Crochet Project: Baby Blanket

I have been working on this blanket off and on for years. I would make great strides and then life would get in the way, causing me to take a break from finishing. Since, I have had a lot of time on my hands I have been dedicating time to finishing projects and things I want to do!

The first project Ifinished was a book called “March Upcountry” By John Ringo and David Webb. I am currently on the second book out of four, as well as reading a book that a friend has written.

The second project was to finish this baby blanket, and I am proud to say I am done!

I used one of the stitches from my 101 stitches box, however I had to adapt it to make it work for the edging. Despite this adaptation it turned out beautiful.



You know what this means… a new project!!! I am currently making a welcome mat. After that I will be making a sweater. I also want to make some storage bins, so I can organize all my crochet stuff and yarn. If anyone knows of a cheap place to get yarn, or buy it in bulk please let me know!

Thirdly, I have been working on slowly organizing my house/ practice room. I was able to put almost 8.5 years worth of paper into my recycling tub! I have also started filing papers, lableing files, and alphabatizing instead of just throwing things in a tub. Interestingly enough I am usually a very organized person, however during grad school I became a little lax when it came to putting things away. I would simply stuff them in a tub and go meh.. Ill get to it eventually. WOW, it was amazing how long it took to go through everything, organize it, and decide what to keep. I think this was a good lesson to just take the time and put things away the first time, because I would rather do a little work now rather than a ton of work later. 


Alas, I still need to go through every single binder from Grad school and reorganize each one. *hides under covers*. I think once I am done substitute teaching in June I will work on a binder a week. I may take each class and organize it into separate binders. I have to go through everything and see what I have. For example I took all of my Upper Extremitiy and my Feild work 2 outpatient stuff and combined it. So, if you read the power point on the elbow from the UE class you will also have the articles on tendonities of the elbows behind it from field work.  Smart eh? I thought so too.

In other news I am still working as a substitute teacher, and PRN OT. I am waiting, albeit impatiently, for a more permanent OT job. There is a part of me that enjoys the ability to make my own schedule, however on the other hand I would prefer to consistently be working in my field. Despite it all I am pleased to have the experience as a PRN OT in a SNF, the extra time to be able to organize my house, and to do the things I want to do… which is ironically what OT is all about… living!!!

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