Crafts: Crochet “A morning shawl”



(insert final product here)

I absolutely adore my kindle! I was able to download a plethora of free E books on crocheting. I saw this morning shawl and knew exactly what to do with the grey yarn I bought. I am using a #4 weight for the yarn. The photograph appears to have a thinner /finer yarn utilized for the pattern. I am pleased with how this shawl is turning out esspecially with the little felt flowers throughout the design. I hope to finish this project by the end of this week. Afterwards, I want to start crocheting a sweater.

In other crafty news I have been learning how to knit! A few years ago I tried to learn to knit, and my poor Grandma and Mother in law took on the task of trying to teach me. It was an utter disaster… and I put my knitting needles away. I however, being the stubborn person I am have vowed to learn how to knit! I am getting the hang of it slowly.


Lastly, my wonderful husband bought me two crochet magazines, and I recieved the crochet books on sweaters that I ordered from amazon 🙂


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