The Baking Illustrated Challenge Fresh Fruit tart with pastry cream

This fresh fruit tart was incredible! We had nothing left after our Memorial day weekend. I made three of these tarts and have discovered a few things along the way. One never double a recipe, it doesnt turn out exactly the same. Two I suggest using the Julia Childs method of meating the dough into submission prior to rolling it out. My other peice of advice is to make the dough and pastery cream in advance. This makes it easier to enjoy your company rather than being chained to the kitchen.

This is a tart that I know I will make time and time again. The pastery cream is smooth and lightly sweet, the tart perfect, and the fruit brusting with flavor! This was a hit and I have already had requests to make it for every get together.

I have made notes in my Baking Illustrated book on different things that worked etc.


Fresh Fruit Tart with Pastery cream
1 recipe pastery cream pg 227 thoroughly chilled
1 recipe sweet tart pastry for prebaked tart shell pg 223 fully baked and cooled to room temperature

Fruit , unwashed
1/2 C red current or apple jelly

1. Spread cold pastry cream over tart shell. Arrange gruit on top of pastry cream, follow method on page 226.
2. Bring jelly  to boil in suacepan over med high heat, stir occasionally until smooth. Once boiling and completely melted, apply by dabbling and flicking onto fruit with a pastry brush.

(the tart can be refridgerated uncovered for 30 min. Remove outer ring, slide thin metal spatula between, bottom of crust and pan to release, and slip tart gentlty on to a serving plater.

I did the Kiwi, Raspberry, and blueberry tart variation.




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