Crochet Gifts from the Moores

I have been getting back to crocheting! I absolutely love it. It is therapeutic and relaxing. I esspecially loved making these gifts for family and friends.

I saw this shawl and thought of my grandmother. I found it in a prayer shawl pattern, however I changed the border, and added demask roses. She absolutely loved it.



My mother loves the color blue and roses. So I found this solid shell stitch to create a scarf. My mother loved it 🙂  and I was so happy when I got the best compliment from my mom… she said my crochet has gotten so much better. Which is amazing because she is awesome!



My OT friends live far away and we met up for a bachelloret party.  I made one for my  UP friend for the winter, and one for the other one that is getting married this month. I was pleased that they liked them.


Winter head band


For the Bride

This head band is for my sister who is serving in the USAF, and will be deployed very soon. It is inspired by her favorite t shirt that is brown, green , and orange.


I was inspired by the Resses candy to make these cookies.

Reeses peices peanut butter cup macadamia nut cookies…. YUM!


I have found great books off of amazon, at Barens and Noble, youtube, and pinterest.

I also have 2 crochet magazines from Meijer , and I bought a how to make socks with a loom.

I love the 101 stitches by Erika Knight


Custom Crochet sweaters by Dora Ohrenstein


Blue Print Crochet


200 Crochet flowers


I recommend all of these books!! Happy Crocheting!


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