Crochet..pies… and fall


A fellow coworker has left to continue on as a travel PT. I crocheted her this headband as a goodbye gift. I will miss her very much. I got the idea to weave the ribbon in and out from my mother in law. She has integrated ribbon into croceted bookmarks.


I have been working on my first crocheted sweater for many months. I never thought I would finish this, and thankfully it turnend out better than I could hope for. It is from the Custom Crochet Sweaters book. I am working through that book from beginning to end, and I have started the next sweater in the book.



I have 7 motifs done and place markers connecting them. I plan on blocking each motif once I have finished them all.


I made this tripple chocolate chunk pecan pie from the Baking Illustrated Cook Book. Honestly, you only need one small slice and you will be good for a month. It is very rich and decadant.

In other news the Twin Lake rooster continues to crow at night…quite possibly it either A. has a brain injury and or B. is calling all the hens back to the coop… either way it is annoying.  Sometimes, I think it really is calling all the hens back to the coop due to all the free range chickens in our area…as in they have free reign entierly. 

I have noticed lately that the colors of the maple trees are starting to turn which means summer is coming to an end again , and fall is just around the courner. I hope we can get some projects done before winter gets here.  

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