PLEASE supervise your fur babies…

This post is going to be along the lines of a rant / soap box. If your family includes fur babies (dogs, cats) . Please make sure they do not get out of their fenced in area and roam!

I was driving home yesterday on the highway and a dog darted from the ditch, and I was boxed in. I couldn’t swerve to the left without hitting a car, and if I swerved to the right I would be in the ditch. I tried to slow down but I couldn’t stop despite being under the speed limit. I was luck to not have gotten into a wreck.

I am absolutely heart broken over running over the dog. I keep going over it in my head trying to think if I could have done anything differently, and even though I know I did everything I could in that moment to not hit the dog… it still hurts.

Please, if your dog likes to roam supervise them outside. I know its hard, but its better than them getting out and getting hit by a car.

Here are my fur babies; they were trying to comfort me the best they could while I cried myself to sleep.


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