The Baking Illustrated Challenge black berry jam cake and the Wilton Buttercream basics

Wilson class 1 …

I have enjoyed learning how to work with butter cream. It can be messy, frustrating, time consuming, and cause physical pain. While I am no where near professional cake decorating, I feel that I have improved a great deal. I am currently taking the second course, and I am signed up for the third. At the end of June I will be able to scratch off another set of goals on my do by 2018 challenge.




This cake was excellent and turned out to be the perfect cake for my first attempt at decorating with buttercream. The only problem with making cakes is the simple fact my husband and I can not eat an entire cake in 1 week. Thankfully I have family to pawn off baked goods.

Blackberry Jam cake
Baking Illustrated cookbook
1 recipe foolproof sponge cake
1 8 oz jar blackberry jam

I baked, cooled, and placed one cake layer on a cardboard round. Evenly spread the jam over the cake, and then add the second layer, while making sure layers are aligned. I chose to decorate with butter cream, and my theme was my home state Texas.

Update course two went by so quick! I thought I would share my final cake. This was the hardest cake to frost, and I ran into a few issues. The cake was too soft, the frosting too thick, and I had very low frustration tolerance. Thankfully it turned out well.

I am looking forward to the third and final wilton course …. next update in 5 weeks.


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