Cookies, cakes and crafts

I finally finished my third and final wilton course. The course included fondant and gum paste flowers. A lot of work and effort went into these cakes. I have to admit that it would have to be a pretty special cake for me to work with fondant and gum paste again as it takes a lot of work. 

In July we tried out a few new recipes from pinterest, and my pioneer woman’s cookbook. 

My favorite is the Caprese  salad by the Pioneer woman. It took forever to cook down the balsamic vinegar, it stunk up my kitchen, and was oh so worth it. I could eat this every week with the fresh basil and delicious  ripe tomatoes yum! 

These little strawberries stuffed with whipped cream cheese, powdered sugar and vanilla and topped with a blueberry. Alas, you will eat one, then two, and all of a sudden half the plate is gone

I have been obsessed with pinterest and saw some projects of making cookie mix in mason jars. I think it’s a brilliant plan to make some in advance, and be able to whip up a batch quickly and with minimal effort. I did not anticipate running into any issues until I tried baking. 

I utilized a chocolate  chip recipe from Baking Illustrated, and made two jars. I tried making one jar exactly how the recipe said, however the cookies spread and fell apart when picked up. The second time I made the cookies, I creamed the butter, added eggs, and vanilla, and finally folded in the dry ingredients. This did the trick and they baked up well. I utilized an 1/8 cup to make these cookies gigantic and lasted oh 3 to 4 days 🙂 

In craft news I have made progress on my tank, made and finished my craft bag, and started a fall wrap. 

I was getting bored with the tank and decided to find another craft to start in the wrap to keep my interest as the tank was not fun anymore.


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