Pumpkin pecan baked brie

My husband went to three different stores just to find pastry dough, so I would not have to spend 3 hours making it from scratch. It was a blessing in disguise because come to find out I needed to make pumpkin butter from scratch.

When I saw pumpkin butter in the list of ingredients on this Pinterest recipe, I immediately was reminded of Cinnamon butter, literally cinnamon beaten into butter. Pumpkin butter, however, is not pumpkin beaten into butter.

As I was beating the butter with the pumpkin, with its gloppy yellow orange mess… I thought “is this how it is supposed to look”? I then did a quick search of pumpkin butter recipes. It has absolutely NO butter. I was irritated beyond words. So, I busied my self to make pumpkin butter from scratch with a few changes here and there. It turned out perfect and I was able to finish making the dessert.

The other road block came when opening up the brie. It had a white waxy cover that I was unsure about. Thankfully my husband removed as much as he could, as the wax appears to be in any crevice of the cheese. I tried my best to remove the bits, and prayed that it was digestible.

This recipe can be found on pinterest.

Preheat oven 400 degress

Pull out puff pastry and thaw, roll out, it should be large enough for a round of brie (8 oz). Place one quarter cup of pecans in the middle of the puff pastry, top with one quarter cup pumpkin butter, and then brei, Wrap the dough and seal edges with 1 egg/water mixture, then flip over onto a baking pan that has been sprayed, brush with remainder of egg mixture and decorate with pecans. Bake in oven 400 degrees for 25 min. It was heavenly and very filling.


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