Birthday dinners

This year’s birthday dinners came from “Pioneer Woman food from my frontier”,
“Annie’s Eats”, and the Ice cream sundae I did a quick search of the internet to find a base recipe.

It took a lot longer and more liquid to cook the rice because I did not have a lid that would fit the skillet I was using. In the end my rice ended up being sticky, and thankfully a hit.

Brian wanted the Pineapple Chicken Quesadilla and the Taquitoes from “Annie’s Eat’s” another favorite of ours. Despite washing my hands frequently I still ended up making my eyes burn and water due to the jalapeno. What I have learned…never touch your eyes if you are going to work with jalapeno.

My husband had asked me what I wanted to make for my birthday and nothing sounded good. He eventually suggested a banana split and I eventually found the his and her burger recipe out of the “Pioneer Womans” cook book. I did wing the recipe a little bit because I didnt have any cream. In the end it was a great dinner for a Sunday and in celebration of Brian and I’s birthdays.



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