Squeaking wheel and new fiber

My Kromski has been squeaking a lot this last week and it turns out to be coming from the bar that goes across the treadles, we have tried applying wax with a paper towel however it only works for a few minutes. I have researched and found that other people have had the same problem, and have had to take the treadles off and re lubricate the bar with wax. It appears I will have to take it apart, which scares me to death as I dont want to destroy my spinning wheel. I am still waiting to hear back from Kromski as I have sent them a video and pictures to demonstrate the issues I am having with my wheel.

In the meantime, while we attempted to figure out the main problem and various options I decided to dye all the skiens of yarn I had made, and started crocheting with my home made yarn.

Purple lace weight single from my dyed mini rovings

Image may contain: food

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Green and Tan Skein

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Teal and cream skein

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Redish orange and purple ( I personally think this last Skein turned out the best spinning and dying wise)

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The company Paradise Fibers that I bought my spinning wheel through does points and I had enough points to buy more fiber, including;  Merino, Corrideal, and Sari Silk!

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I am so excited and thrilled with these new fibers. I am waffling on what I should do with the fiber. First and foremost I need my wheel to not squeak when I spin. I also could spin my little roaving’s as practice to try and get a better handle on making the correct gauge. I was thinking of attempting the following weights Fingering, Lace, and or DK. I was debating on spinning for a specific project however the last project I wanted to spin for needed over 2000 yards and I didn’t quite have enough which was frustrating. I guess all I can do is try to spin a specific gauge and if I have enough then that will be the icing on the cake.

Happy Spinning 🙂


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