About Rena Ann and the blog

On my wedding day
On my wedding day


About Rena

Hi!  I am an Occupational Therapist and I graduated from Western Michigan University with a Masters of Science. I am married to my wonderful husband Brian and we have two dogs. Gizmo is our enthusiastic tiny Affenpinscher Pomeranian, and Hershall is our rescue that is some sort of Terrier mix. I was born in Houston and raised in Katy, Texas. I moved to West Michigan in 2009. We have a house that we are slowly fixing up and a garden that is taking shape. I am also a musician, and I have been playing Clarinet since I was eleven.

About the Blog

I love to cook and bake. I started cooking after I married my husband in 2009. I am self taught, and use the internet, videos, cookbooks and other blogs as study materials. I have had a lot of success and some failures.  My hope is that I will improve with every dish. I hope that one day my presentation will be as good as some of the other blogs that I admire greatly.

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Thank you for visiting, Rena Ann  (The Texan living up north)




One thought on “About Rena Ann and the blog”

  1. The pictures do not do the art work justice …they were stunning to look at and this was this first ime that I had ever seen this. Truely awesoome.

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