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Squeaking wheel and new fiber

My Kromski has been squeaking a lot this last week and it turns out to be coming from the bar that goes across the treadles, we have tried applying wax with a paper towel however it only works for a few minutes. I have researched and found that other people have had the same problem, and have had to take the treadles off and re lubricate the bar with wax. It appears I will have to take it apart, which scares me to death as I dont want to destroy my spinning wheel. I am still waiting to hear back from Kromski as I have sent them a video and pictures to demonstrate the issues I am having with my wheel.

In the meantime, while we attempted to figure out the main problem and various options I decided to dye all the skiens of yarn I had made, and started crocheting with my home made yarn.

Purple lace weight single from my dyed mini rovings

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Green and Tan Skein

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Teal and cream skein

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Redish orange and purple ( I personally think this last Skein turned out the best spinning and dying wise)

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The company Paradise Fibers that I bought my spinning wheel through does points and I had enough points to buy more fiber, including;ย  Merino, Corrideal, and Sari Silk!

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I am so excited and thrilled with these new fibers. I am waffling on what I should do with the fiber. First and foremost I need my wheel to not squeak when I spin. I also could spin my little roaving’s as practice to try and get a better handle on making the correct gauge. I was thinking of attempting the following weights Fingering, Lace, and or DK. I was debating on spinning for a specific project however the last project I wanted to spin for needed over 2000 yards and I didn’t quite have enough which was frustrating. I guess all I can do is try to spin a specific gauge and if I have enough then that will be the icing on the cake.

Happy Spinning ๐Ÿ™‚


Drop spindle to spinning wheel

I do not know how I got into yarn making and spinning. I believe I wanted to make a particular wrap and it called for a specific yarn. I tried my local Joann’s and Hobby lobby however, they typically sold acrylic yarn, not wool or blend I was looking for. I found the specific yarn by doing a simple search on the internet and it was 40 dollars a skein … I just about had a heart attack… how could one skein of yarn cost 40 dollars?!!! I thought to myself I could make it for cheaper. Yes, all the people who spin and make yarn.. yes I had a rude awakening. I did not realize how much money, time, and effort went into making yarn. I first researched spinning wheels and honestly at the time I did not know if I would like it, and did not want to invest a ton of money into something I may or may not enjoy.

In the end I bought the book “Respect the Spindle” and my husband and I made my first drop spindle. I read half of Abby’s book, and watched a lot of youtube videos before I bought my first roving. I began spinning, and spinning, and spinning… I wasn’t very successful and contemplated using my drop spindle for fire wood. I eventually bought two other spindles, one medium the other one a heavier Indian Rose wood.

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I bought the box kit from England and the blue fiber on my light spindle is from this kit.

I finally was able to start spinning and went from park and draft to suspended spinning with in a few weeks I believe. My favorite to spin on is my

I started spinning a lot and it was aggravating my right shoulder due to it being my dominant arm, previous car accident, and playing musical instruments with repetitive injury.

I had originally planned on waiting until 2018 to buy a spinning wheel, but decided to buy one this year due to the amount of pain I was experiencing with spinning.

I originally wantedย  either a Kromski or a Lendrum complete …. I researched various wheels, watched a lot of reviews, and read a lot of blogs on how to find the right spinning wheel for me. It was stressful as a lot of the terminology was difficult to grasp. I looked into; Ashford, Lendrom, Spinolution and many others that I can not remember at this time. I ended up buying a Kromski Minstriel with the Jumbo flyer kit. I bought my Kromski Minstreil from Paradise Fibers, and received it within 1 week. I decided to save on money and buy an unfinished wheel and stain it myself (headesk). I’m always trying to save money which usually entails more work on my part. After weeks of working on this wheel with the help of my husband we completed it this week. I have never stained before and there was a steep learning curve. I also have to admit the instructions for assembling the wheel leave a lot to be desired. In the end I spent about about 4 to 5 hours spinning between this Sunday and Monday. I ended up with a nice beginner single approximately 2.1 oz of wool. I am planning on Navajo plying it and then dying it later in the week. Happy spinning ๐Ÿ™‚

My spinning corner

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Spinning wool

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My first single on my Kromski ๐Ÿ™‚

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